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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Peterboroughfor your vehicle?

Do you feel vibrations in your steering wheel or seat while driving? This can be a sign that your wheels are out of balance. Visit ACE tyres for our accurate wheel balancing Peterborough service.

What is wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing is the process of adding small weights to the wheel's rims to evenly distribute the weight of the wheel. This ensures that the wheels spin around smoothly even at high speed, providing you with safety and a smoother ride.

Symptoms indicating that wheels need a balancing check

If you are experiencing any of these problems in your car, visit us today for a reliable wheel balancing Peterborough service and get these issues resolved.

Feeling unusual vibration:

Vibrations in your steering wheel, car floor, or car seat are the most common signs of unbalanced wheels.

Difficulty in steering:

The steering wheel may tilt off-centre when you’re driving, making it more difficult to steer smoothly in a given direction. This also delays the response time, hampering with your safety on the road.

Hearing strange noises:

Unbalanced wheels often create squealing or buzzing noises while you drive. This can eventually damage other car components.

Your car is pulling to one side:

If your wheels are out of balance, your car might pull to one side of the road when you are driving, which can make it dangerous for both you and other road users.

How do we balance wheels?

Our experienced technicians follow the below-mentioned steps to accurately balance the wheels:

Step-1 We first remove the wheel/tyre assembly from your car.

Step-2 Then fit them on our highly advanced balancing machine.

Step-3 The machine spins the wheel at a high speed to detect the unbalanced areas. The computer system inside the machine shows the exact points of imbalance.

Step-4 After that, we attach small counterweights to those areas to accurately balance the wheels.

Step-5 We check the newly balanced wheels on our machine again.

Step-6 Then the balanced wheels are fitted back to the car.

Step-7 After a final tyre pressure check you are ready to go.

Upgrade your driving experience by bringing your car to ACE TYRES and choosing our affordable wheel balancing Peterborough service. Contact us today to get the wheel balancing done fast.

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