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Are you looking for Alloy Wheel Repairs for your Vehicle?


While the aesthetically appealing alloy wheels are becoming the statement for grace and style for car enthusiasts, their non-ferrous nature also makes them prone to scratches and other damages. Since these units are pretty costly, replacing them for every other bump and crack can end up being heavy on the pocket.

As a cost-effective alternative, you can come down to Ace Tyres for alloy alloy wheel repair Peterborough. Our experienced technicians work with the latest equipment to provide quick and efficient wheel repairs.

For more information on our pricing, schedules and to book a slot in advance, contact our customer representatives at 07814785683.

Causes of alloy wheel damage

Cheaper ferrous

Since genuine alloys can be quite costly, car owners in the UK often end up with inexpensive alloys made using cheaper ferrous materials that contain additives, which makes the rim lose its shine after a short time of use.

Damage caused by dirt etc.

Dirt and grime are the most common reasons why alloy wheels lose their shine and need wheel repairs regularly. Also, road salt grit etc. contribute massively to corrosion.

Please note, using abrasive cleaning solutions can also damage your alloy wheels.

Incorrect rim size and underinflated tyres

Due to insufficient information, car owners may sometimes fit wheels or tyres that differ from manufacturer specifications. This can negatively impact an alloy’s service life, leading to faster wear and tear and increases the chances of on-road mishaps.

Apart from this, hitting curbs etc., and trying to remove the lug nuts with incorrect equipment can also lead to your car requiring alloy wheel repair Peterborough.

How Ace Tyres conducts alloy wheel repair Peterborough?

Using state-of-the-art repair equipment, our experts can repair dents, cracks, and scratches with the following techniques:

Powder coating

In this process, our experts will first remove the tyre from the wheel and clean the latter using professional-grade cleaning solutions. Once they are 100 sure there is no dirt, grease or debris left on it, a powder coating is applied, where we apply polish and varnish in addition to applying a wet spray. This coating is durable enough to protect the unit from scratches and UV damage.

Cosmetic repairs

Also called SMART repair, this technique involves repairing a small region on the wheel hub. In this case, we colour-match the paint with the alloy wheel and then spray it over the damaged portion, finishing with a thorough wipe. Thus, the damaged part blends seamlessly with the rest of the unit.

Diamond cutting

Diamond cutting is the most extensive repair process. While this technique of alloy wheel repair Peterborough is similar to powder coating, the difference lies in the use of a CNC lathe machine to remove a thin layer of alloy from the wheel. Finally, we apply a lacquer coat and finish with a polish, ensuring that the alloy wheel’s surface sparkles and refracts light just the way it did in its original state.

End your searches for alloy wheel repairs near me with us!

Drive over to Ace Tyres to return your car’s alloys to their original shine and increase their service life. You can easily find us at Unit 6, Second Drove, Fengate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 5XA, UK.

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