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About Us

ACE Tyres is serving customers for more than ten years now. Since then, it has always been important for us to be flexible and adapt to the needs of our customers.

ACE Tyres- everything Tyres Peterborough from one source

We are THE tyre service provider in the centre of Peterborough - owner-managed and independent.

We at ACE Tyres are proud to have met the high standards expected by our customers.

This is a challenge and motivation for us not only to maintain the level achieved on a daily basis but to improve and renew it constantly. We would be happy to convince you of the state-of-the-art service and technology used in our 4,500 sq. Feet workshop.

Our goal is to be able to cater to even more customers and their needs by providing more and more car services Peterborough. We will continue to use and expand our strengths in the future.

Tyres are still our greatest strength.

You can find tyres from all leading brands in our inventory – whether you are looking for premium- mid-range, or cheap tyres Peterborough.

Summer Tyres

Made of hard rubber components and with a shallower tread to ensure safety, grip and aquaplaning prevention during the hotter month of the year.

Winter Tyres

A softer material with more natural rubber, deeper tread, and more aggressive tread pattern ensures flexibility and grip on icy and snow-covered roads.

All-season Tyres

A good compromise using the advantages of summer- and winter tyres. This way, you can avoid the extra expenses of buying two separate sets of tyres and getting them changed twice a year. Please note, these tyres are ideal for drivers doing fewer miles and live in regions with moderate climate.

4x4 tyres

We have three different types of these tyres available.

    • Highway-terrain for driving on normal roads and motorways.
    • Mud-terrain for off-road use.
    • All-terrain can be used on- and off-road 50/50

Performance tyres and UHP (Ultra High-Performance tyres):

Perfect for sports cars and other high-spec vehicles. Extra control and cornering stability, even at high speeds.

Run-flat Tyres

Extra safety when it comes to punctures etc. With these tyres, you don’t need to stop after a puncture to change the tyre or wait for help. You can drive to the nearest garage to get the tyre replaced. Just make sure you don’t drive faster than 50 mph and not much further than 50 miles.

On our website, you can find and choose your preferred tyres Peterborough – whatever the season, size, purpose or budget. You can conveniently book a fitting appointment with your order as well.

You can certainly also come directly to our workshop for advice, purchasing and fitting.

Are you on a very tight budget? No problem! Why not choose some of our part-worn tyres Peterborough?

Come over, and we will show you the tyres so that you can pick your favourite ones.

No need to worry about their quality and safety. Only the best, thoroughly tested tyres make it onto our shelves!

Additional services

    • Servicing (interim- and full service)
    • Brake service (pads and discs)
    • Locking wheel nut removal
    • Alloy wheel repairs
    • Alloy wheels refurbishment
    • Wheel balancing
    • Wheel alignment
    • MOT testing

Focus on people

Our valued customers but also our employees are the basis of our success and shape our product- and service inventory. This is the only way we can constantly improve our range of services, offer you all-around professional services from a single source and still maintain our family-like working atmosphere.

So, we think you should stop looking for “car service near me” or “tyres near me” on the internet and come to us instead.

Our services and prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Any questions? No problem, just get in touch.

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