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Are you looking for Alloy Wheel Refurbishment for your vehicle?


Although alloy wheels are not as robust as their steel counterparts, they have become a preferred choice for most car owners owing to their aesthetics. Besides enhancing your vehicle’s looks, these units have a positive impact on the overall driving experience. However, being lightweight, alloy wheels are susceptible to regular wear and tear caused by impacts from kerbs or potholes.

Driving with damaged wheels affects the performance of your car’s tyres and also increases the chances of a blowout. Hence, it’s imperative to keep your car wheels in optimum condition while driving. Nevertheless, owing to the high prices, replacing alloy wheels can be an expensive affair. As an alternative, you can opt for cost-effective alloy wheel refurbishment Peterborough from the experts at Ace Tyres.

Different types of alloy wheel refurbishment Peterborough

Here are some of the techniques our experts use to restore the condition of your alloy wheels back to their original state:

Powder coating

This process involves separating the wheel from the tyre and then cleaning it thoroughly to remove all the dirt and debris that might be present. Once it is cleaned, our technicians apply a powder coating to give it a robust finish. This coating also acts as a preventive measure against scratches, damage caused by UV and more.

Diamond cutting

This wheel refurbishment technique involves the use of a CNC lathe machine. Our trained technicians use this equipment to remove a small portion of alloy from the wheel. Once its carefully removed, a lacquer coat is added all over it to give it an attractive diamond-cut finish. Besides enhancing the overall appearance of the unit, this technique also ensures durability.

Cosmetic repairs

Commonly referred to as SMART repair, this technique is usually used when the damage is limited to only a small portion of the wheel. Our certified experts blend the repair into the undamaged part to match the looks with the original appearance.

Why choose alloy wheel refurbishment Peterborough?

Here are some reasons why car owners should opt for wheel refurbishment services:

Cost-efficient alternative

Since the cost of alloy wheels is very high, opting for refurbishment instead of replacement is an ideal solution. We, at Ace Tyres, provide the most efficient and cost-effective rim repairs Peterborough. Hence, if you’re looking for the best wheel refurbishment solutions, visit our facility during our business hours.

Maximise resale value

After completing the wheel refurbishment process, there won’t be any trace of scuffs or scratches. Your car wheels’ appearance will be as good as new. Hence, if you choose to sell your vehicle, you can fetch a significantly higher resell value.


As noted above, driving with damaged wheels put excessive stress on the tyres, leading to a blowout. Moreover, it also increases the chances of picking up a puncture. Hence, you should opt for wheel refurbishment Peterborough to make sure that your drive is safe and secure.

You can now end your search for “wheel refurbishment near me”. Drive over to our facility and our team of experienced technicians will cater to all your car-related worries.

Before we start any work, we will inspect your alloys properly and give you an accurate estimate, so you can make an informed decision.

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