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Are you looking for Locking Wheel Nut Removal Peterborough for your vehicle?

Locking wheel nuts, are designed to keep your wheels safely secured to your car. These nuts look very similar to regular wheel nuts, but their pattern on the external surface is different from that of regular wheel nuts, which can be opened with regular tools. The majority of wheels are equipped with customised locking wheel nuts. This means, a special locking wheel nut key is necessary to open the wheel nuts.

If you do not own or have misplaced your locking wheel nut key or it is not possible to open the locking nuts with its key due to damage etc. The removal should be done by experts with the right tools. If you are looking for such an expert, come to us for a locking wheel nut removal Peterborough. Our expert mechanics can promptly remove any locking wheel nut without damaging your car’s wheels.

Our advice

When buying a second-hand vehicle, always make sure it comes with a locking wheel nut key.

You can only order a new key at the main dealers, providing registration papers and ID. Delivery can take some time. Also, a locking wheel nut key matching your car’s wheels nuts is very costly.

Benefits of a locking nut

There are numerous reasons why locking wheel nuts is important. Some of them are:

  • The wheels stay in place safely, even after encountering shocks like minor accidents, driving over deep potholes or speed brakers etc.
  • They also provide extra protection to expensive wheels, significantly reducing the risk of wheel theft.

How do we carry out the procedure?

We perform the locking wheel nut removal Peterborough service in two ways:

Non-invasive method:

We use our highly advanced tools to accurately mould to the pattern on the external surface of the locking nut, replicating the key of the nut. This always our preferred method.

Invasive method:

In some cases (for example if the wheel nuts are already damaged) this method is the only option. We use our special drill and tools to force them open. This procedure damages the wheel nuts, but we can provide replacements.

If you are looking for a reliable centre for locking wheel nut removal Peterborough, then look no further than ACE TYRES. Our tyre specialists use highly advanced tools and equipment to deliver prompt results.

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